Monday, November 29, 2010


distance: 1,018 km (651 miles) - travel time: 23 days
This is my 68th postcard, and the 4th card from Russia. Thank you Lana (Lady_Lora) for this beautiful postcard! I really like (again) those peaceful colors! Lara told me that photo is taken behind the house of world-famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. Wow! I haven't read his books yet, but after this postcard I really want to read at least one! I can only imagine that place, it would be really nice to just sit there with interesting book... Oh, I am so dreamer... :-)


distance: 8,290 km (5,089 miles) - travel time: 9 days
This is my 67th postcard, and the 5th card from Taiwan. Thank you Wendy (Wendy77) for this nice postcard and for those beautiful stamp! I really love Asian stamps, I don't just know why... I think I'm not the only one! Every Asian stamp is like work of art. They are so amazing. Please check out my Asian label - after that you really know what I am talking about! :-)


distance: 6,945 km (4,315 miles) - travel time: 9 days
This is my 66th postcard, and the 14th from the United States of America. The photo is taken in Williamsburg, Virginia by Bill Gaertner. I could write something about Williamsburg. Its population is about 12 000. It's really famous city because there's The College of William & Mary. The second oldest university in the United States. The city is also a very popular tourist resort. I'm not wondering about it because that nature looks really fantastic. Thank you Melanie (Rigbymel) for this beautiful postcard! I really love those autumn colors.


 distance: 1,243 km (772 miles) - travel time: 5 days
This is my 65th postcard, and the 7th from the Netherlands. Well, I've presented Marilyn Monroe many times for you guys so I don't wanna do it again. I can tell you why just Marilyn Monroe. I've two favorite actresses: Audrey Hepburn (you've seen her before) and this amazing woman, Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn was just really talented woman and even though she had really terrible childhood she believed in her dreams. Everyone who has seen Marilyn's movies can say that she really enjoyed her job! Thank you really much Kim (oi) for this wonderful Marilyn Monroe! I haven't had this card before and this is a very nice card in my collection ;-)
"I don't want to make money. I just want to be wonderful"

Hey there! :-)

I'm really sorry that I haven't had time to update my blogs. I've had lots of school works to do. I'm really happy right now. I had the last exam on this morning. Yep, I just had a terrible exam week (luckily the next one is on February 2011!). And now I can write some posts again because I have finally time for you guys! :-)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


distance: 8,105 km (5,036 miles) - travel time: 28 days
This is my 64th postcard, and the 4th card from Taiwan. Thank you Ying Chih (smilewinter) for this lovely postcard! It's really sweet. Are they eating milk shake or am I right?! I haven't seen that kind of drink before :-))
P.S. I really hope you can sometimes travel here. This is a really beautiful place to travel especially on Autumn with all those yellow, red and golden leaves!


distance: 6,770 km (4,207 miles) - travel time: 28 days
This is my 63rd postcard, and the 13rd card from the United States of America. Those photos are taken in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Wisconsin. I think that the backside of the card says everything: "Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a mosaic where nature and history blend to create a work of art. Whether in search of green space to enjoy a leisurely bike ride, the natural world for a hike of discovery, or the valley's legacy of transportation abroad the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, there is something here for everyone. Discover the many secrets that the Cuyahoga Valley has to share." Thank you Nora (kanzenbn)! That place looks very peaceful place and fantastic plase to travel. Thank you!


distance: 1,185 km (736 miles) - travel time: 3 days
This is my 62nd postcard, and the 5th card from Germany. That beautiful photo is taken in Lepizig by Klaus Ender. Thank you Katrin (toivoton)! I really love that photo, though I hate spiders! All the colours are really warm and fantastic. The lightning is also really interesting. I like very much the background with all the reflections of water. Thank you!

P.S. Katrin, I'm really happy that you have learned Finnish. It's a really difficult language to foreigners. I really hope that you can visit here some day ;-)


distance: 1,391 km (864 miles) - travel time: 9 days
This is my 61st postcard, and the 6th from the Netherlands. Thank you really, really much L.M.Lang (tara56) for this lovely postcard! I'm really excited that you read that I'm interested in royal families. It makes me really happy! So, thatäs the royal family of the Netherlands. Their Queen Beatrix I is in the middle.

P.S. Now I have cards from Sweden and Holland.


distance: 1,375 km (854 miles) - travel time: 223 days
This is my 60th postcard, and the first card from Hungary. Its population is 1,721,556. Budapest comprises about 202.8 square miles (525,16 sq km). Europe's second longest river, Danube, shares the city to Buda and Pest. Thank you Lili (Lilcsi) for this postcard! My friend visited in Budapest on August and she said that it's a wonderful city to travel. I can believe it. It seems really friendly and beautiful place with all the museums and parks. I want to travel there some day (well, it seems that I would love to travel around the world :-)). So, thank you!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


distance: 1,403 km - travel time: 28 days
My 59th postcard, and the 5th from the Netherlands. Those pictures are taken in North Wales. Mountains are called Moel Siabod (2860 ft), Yr Aran (2541 ft), Snowdon (3560 ft), Tryfan (3010 ft) and Cader Idris (2927 ft). Thank you Anne (annievoyage) for this interesting postcard! That landscape looks really beautiful with all those colours. It would be lovely to hike there. Think the place is like Lapland (in North Finland). I haven't been there but I have heard that it looks really beatiful :)

P.S. I'm very sorry that I'm late with these postcards. I quited blogging for a while because I have had lots of school works to do. I've hurry at this time (I have exam week at next week and 9.-14.10. I'm in Barcelona - finally! It has been my biggest dream ever!) so that's why these posts are really short...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


distance: 2,680 km - travel time: 14 days
My 58th postcard, and the second from Spain. Photos are by D.G. Olshavsky. That building is called Greater Columbus Convention Center. It's located in downtown Columbus, Ohio, United States. It has opened in March 1993. The Convention Center was designed by Peter Eisenman. Center contains 216,000 square feet of exhibit space, 54 meeting rooms and a 25,000 square foot Grand Ballroom. The facility is conveniently located to hotels, restaurants, shopping and the Columbus business district. Thank you Estela (edo) for this interesting postcard! I really love the architecture :-)
58. postikorttini, toinen Espanjasta saatu kortti. Valokuvat on ottanut D.G. Olshavsky. Kyseinen rakennus on nimeltään Greater Columbus Convention Center. Se sijaitsee Columbuksen keskustassa, Ohiossa, Yhdysvalloissa. Se on avattu maaliskuussa, 1993. Convention Centerin (kokouskeskuksen) on suunnitellut Peter Eisenman. Keskus sisältää 20,000 neliömetrin näyttelytilat, 54 kokoushuonetta ja 2,320 neliömetrin kokoisen juhlasalin. Laitos sijaitsee mukavasti hotellien, ravintoloiden, shoppailupaikkojen ja Columbuksen bisnesalueiden lähettyvillä. Kiitos Estela (edo) mielenkiintoisesta postikortista! Rakastan todella tuon rakennuksen arkkitehtuuria :-)

Mitä mieltä olette, pidänkö blogini kaksikielisenä vai siirrynkö käyttämään pelkästään englantia?


distance: 7,895 km - travel time 14 days
My 57th postcard, and the 12th from the United States of America. This picture is taken in Colorado by Taimur Mahmood. I haven't introduced Colorado yet - here you are. Colorado is a state in the middle of the United States which capital is Denver. Its population is 5,025,00 (here, in Finland, the population is about 5,300,000). The state comprises about 104,000 square miles (270,000 sq km). It is noted for its mountains, beautiful landscapes, plains, and canyons. Colorado is also quite known from sport. The weather in Colorado is really variable. It would be amazing to travel to Colorado! Thank you Nicole (nhetzer) for this really beautiful postcard! I like its greenish colors. I also like a fuzzy background and its huge mountains.
57. postikorttini, kahdestoista Yhdysvalloista saatu kortti. Valokuvan on ottanut Taimur Mahmood Coloradossa. En ole vielä esitellyt Coloradoa, joten tässä se nyt on. Colorado on osavaltio keskellä Valtoja. Sen pääkaupunki on Denver. Coloradon väkiluku on 5,025,000 asukasta. Osavaltion pinta-ala on noin 270,000 neliökilometriä (104,000 neliömailia). Se tunnetaan vuoristaan, kauniista maisemistaan, tasangoistaan ja kanjoneistaan. Colorado on myös melko tunnettu urheilustaan. Sää Coloradossa on todella vaihteleva. Olisi mahtavaa matkustaa Coloradoon! Kiitos Nicole (nhetzer) todella kauniista postikortista! Pidän sen vihertävistä väreistä, myös sumeasta taustasta ja sen valtavista vuorista.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


distance: 15,350 km - travel time: 81 days
My 56th postcard, and the first from Australia. That card was expired when I registered it! As everyone can see, that beautiful woman is Audrey Hepburn and I have introduced her here. She is a wonderful woman and one of my favorite actresses. Thank you Chelsea (MissSunshine31) for this very pretty postcard and amazing stamp! That stamp is really awesome and it's also the first stamp from Australia. I love its greenish colors and clean nature. Wow!
56. postikorttini, ensimmäinen Australiasta saatu kortti. Kortti oli mennyt umpeen, kun rekisteröin sen! Kuten jokainen varmaankin huomaa, tuo kaunis nainen on Audrey Hepburn a olen esitellyt hänet täällä. Kiitos Chelsea (MissSunshine31) todella kauniista postikortista ja mahtavasta postimerkistä! Tuo postimerkki on todella mahtava ja se on myös ensimmäinen postimerkkini Australiasta. Rakastan sen vihertäviä värejä ja puhdasta luontoa. Vau!

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other."

Monday, May 31, 2010


distance: 8,306 km - travel time: 10 days
My 55th postcard, and 11th card from the United States of America. This card is lovely. Everyone can name this person. Of course. He's the 'King of Rock and Roll' and I admire him very much. I'm going to write a little story about him (as well as I've also written about Monroe and Hepburn). So here you are. Elvis Aaron (or Aron) Presley was born on January 8 in 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi and died on August 16 in 1977 in Memphis, Tennessee. He was the most popular American singer of the 20th century. Thank you Kolleen (kchavez) for this lovely postcard!
55. postikorttini, 11. Yhdysvalloista saatu kortti. Tämä kortti on ihana. Jokainen osaa tunnistaa henkilön. Tietenkin. Hän on Rockin kuningas ja ihailen häntä valtavasti. Aion kirjoittaa vähän hänestä (kuten olen kirjoittanut myös Monroesta ja Hepburnista). Joten, tässä on. Elvis Aaron (tai Aron) Presley on syntynyt 8. tammikuuta vuonna 1935 Tupelossa, Mississippissä ja kuollut 16. syyskuuta vuonna 1977 Memphisissä, Tennesseessä. Hän oli 1900-luvun suosituin amerikkalainen laulaja. Kiitos Kolleen (kchavez) aivan ihanasta postikortista!

"Elvis has left the building!"

Dalí vs Kahlo Lottery

Hello again! This is my third card from lotteries and this comes from the Netherlands. I joined to Dalí vs Kahlo Lottery and I voted Salvador Dalí. That work is called 'Senicitas' (also: Summer Forces and: Birth of Venus) and it has made from 1927 to 1928. This work is located in Museo Español de Arte Contemporáneo, in Madrid. Thank you Nadine (Delfia22) for this interesting postcard!
Hei taas! Tämä on kolmas arvonnoissa voittamani kortti ja se tulee Alankomaista. Liityin Dalí vs Kahlo -arvontaan ja äänestin Salvador Dalía. Työn nimi on "Senicitas" (myös Summer Firces ja Birth of Venus) ja sitä on tehty vuodesta 1927 vuoteen 1928. Teos sijaitsee Museo Español de Arte Contemporáneo (Espanjan nykytaidemuseossa), Madridissa. Kiitos Nadine (Delfia22) mielenkiintoisesta postikortista!


distance: 1,659 km - travel time: 6 days
My 54th postcard, and 4th card from Germany. This picture is taken in Baden-Württemberg, southwestern Germany. The city is called Denzlingen and its population is about 13,600 . The city is located near the Swiss and French border. At background you can see also the Black Forest (Schwarzwald in German) with high mountains. Thank you Michael (predator2000) for this pretty postcard! I think those colors are amazing and the view is huge. It would be fantastic to visit there and see all mountains. Amazing! Thank you also for those interesting stamps. Especially that EUROPA stamp is wonderful, it makes me smile (though I've exam week) :-)
54. postikorttini, neljäs Saksasta saatu kortti. Valokuva on otettu Baden-Württembergissä, Lounais-Saksassa. Kaupungin (tai kunnan) nimi on Denzlingen ja sen asukasluku on noin 13,600. Kaupunki sijaitsee Sveitsin ja Ranskan rajojen tuntumassa. Taustalla näet myös Mustan metsän (saksaksi: Swarzwald) korkeine vuorineen. Kiitos Michael (predator2000) kauniista postikortista! Värit ovat mahtavia ja maisema on valtava. Olisi fantastista käydä tuolla ja nähdä kaikki vuoret. Mahtavaa! Kiitos myös mielenkiintoisista postimerkeistä. Erityisesti EUROPA-merkki on ihana, se saa minut hymyilemään (vaikka onkin koeviikko) :-)

Sunday, May 23, 2010


distance: 6,817 km - travel time: 8 days
My 53rd postcard, and 10th from the United States. The picture is taken by Jon Ortner in 2006. The Flatiron Building (in the picture) is located in Manhattan, New York. It's one of the first skyscrapers ever built. The building has built to office in 1902. Thank you Stephanie (pandorabox82) for this really beautiful postcard! I love the colors of the sky and city lights. Actually I've a painting of this building in my room! That building is quite interesting. I want also thank you for very interesting stamps. I haven't seem them before so this is really nice.
[Ps. I'm really sorry because this text is so short. I've been very busy last week (next week I've an exam week so...)]
53. korttini, kymmenes Yhdysvalloista saatu kortti. Valokuvan on ottanut Jon Ortner vuonna 2006. Flatiron Building (ei suomenkielistä vastinetta) sijaitsee Manhattanilla, New Yorkissa. Se on yksi ensimmäisistä koskaan rakennetuista pilvenpiirtäjistä. Rakennus on rakennettu vuonna 1902 toimistorakennukseksi. Kiitos Stephanie (pandorabox82) todella kauniista postikortista! Rakasta taivaan värejä ja kaupungin valoja. Itseasiassa minulla on huoneessani taulu kyseisestä rakennuksesta! Rakennus itsessään on todella mielenkiintoinen. Haluan myös kiittää sinua todella mielenkiintoisista postimerkeistä. En ole ennen nähnyt kyseisiä merkkejä, joten nämä ovat todella kivat. [Ps. Olen todella pahoillani tämän postauksen lyhyydestä. Olen viime aikoina ollut todella kiireinen (ensi viikolla minulla on koeviikko...)]

Friday, May 21, 2010


distance: 1,319 km - travel time: 25 days
My 52nd postcard, and the 4th card from the Netherlands. Yesterday I found this card from my letterbox. I thinks it's really cute! Thank you Ramona (Ramona1978)! This card is one of the cutest cards I've ever had (check also my Krtek card from Czech Republic)!
52. korttini, neljäs Alankomaista saatu kortti. Eilen löysin postilaatikostani tämän kortin. Se on todella söpö! Kiitos Ramona (Ramona1978)! Tämä kortti on yksi söpöimmistä korteista, joita olen ikinä saanutkaan (tsekkaa myös Myyrä-kortti Tshekistä)!

[I'm sorry but doesn't work so that's why the picture of the stamp is quite weird :)]

Monday, May 17, 2010


distance: 6,459 km - travel time: 21 days
My 51st postcard, and the 6th postcard from China. The photo is taken from The Forbidden City (The Gate of Heavenly Purity), Beijing. The photo is by Shang Junyi. I don't know plenty of that place (well, I had heard about it) so here is a text from the back part of the postcard: "The Gate of Heavenly Purity, is the front entrance of the Inner Court. On the front of The Gate of Heavenly Purity is a pair of gilded bronze lions. This gate is an important pathway connecting the Inner Court and the Outer Court and a place where emperor listen to the report of ministers." I googled and found information about it. The Forbidden City (a translation of the Chinese name Zijin Cheng) is located in the middle of Beijing. It has built in 1406 to 1420 and it covers 720,000 square kilometer. Thank you Helen (ztcrystal) for this pretty postcard that you sent me from Beijing! I really love its warm colours and a Chinese architecture.
And now about stamps. I've always said that I love Chinese stamps. It's the true. Chinese stamps are really decorated. I especially love the pink peacock, it's really beautiful!
51. postikorttini, kuudes Kiinasta saatu kortti. Kuva on otettu Kielletystä kaupungista (kuvassa oleva rakennus on todennäköisesti The Gate of Heavenly Purity), Pekingistä. En tiedä mitään tästä paikasta (myönnän kyllä kuulleeni siitä), joten tässä on teksti kortin toiselta puolelta: "The Gate of Heavenly Purity, on Inner Courtin (en löydä suomenkielisiä vastineita) pääsisäänkäynti. The Gate of Heavenly Purityn etupuolella on pari kullattuja, pronssisia leijonia. Tämä portti on tärkeä polku, joka yhdistää Inner Courtin ja Outer Courtin ja paikka, missä keisari kuuntelee ministerien raportteja." Googletin ja löysin informaatiota kyseisestä paikasta. Kielletty kaupunki (käännös kiinalaisesta nimestä Zijin Cheng) sijaitsee keskellä Pekingiä. Sitä on rakennettu vuodesta 1406 vuoteen 1420 ja sen pinta-ala on 720,000 neliökilometriä. Kiitos Helen (ztcrystal) kauniista postikortista, jonka lähetit Pekingistä! Rakastan todella sen lämpimiä sävyjä ja kiinalaista arkkitehtuuria.
Ja nyt postimerkkeihin. Olen aina sanonut, että rakastan kiinalaisia postimerkkejä. Se on totta. Kiinalaiset postimerkit ovat todella koristeellisia. Rakastan erityisesti vaaleanpunaista riikinkukkoa, se on todella kaunis.


This card is come from Paris, France. Thank you MarLi for this beautiful postcard! I've dreamed a long time about a postcard with the Eiffel tower. It would be fantastic to travel to Paris and see that amazing tower. It have to be an experience which would never forget.
Kortti on Pariisista, Ranskasta. Kiitos MarLi kauniista postikortista! Olen unelmoinut jo pitkään postikortista, jonka etupuolella komeilee Eiffel-torni. Olisi fantastista matkustaa Pariisiin ja nähdä tuo mahtava torni. Se on varmaankin kokemus, jota ei ikinä tule unohtamaan.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


distance: 6,493 km - travel time: 6 days
My 50th postcard, and the 10th from the United States of the America. The photo is taken from New York by sender. The photo is taken on last December (2009). I like it when someones send the postcard of their own photos. It makes the postcard more important and interesting to me. Thank you Larry (LarryHidingHawk) for this nice postcard! I like lights and their colors. I also like a background and its buildings. About stamp, I've lot of these but I always love the stamps of this USA series. I especially love their really beautiful photos.
50. postikorttini, kymmenes Yhdysvalloista saatu kortti. Valokuvan on ottanut lähettäjän New Yorkissa. Kuva on otettu viime joulukuussa (2009). Pidän siitä, kun jotkut lähettävät postikortin omista ottamistaan kuvista. Se tekee postikortista tärkeämmän ja mielenkiintoisemman. Kiitos Larry (LarryHidingHawk) kivasta postikortista! Pidän kaupungin valoista ja niiden väreistä. pidän myös taustasta ja sen rakennuksista. Postimerkistä, minulla on jo paljon näitä, mutta rakastan aina tämän sarjan postimerkkejä. Rakastan erityisesti niiden todella kauniita kuvia.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


distance: 8,069 km - travel time: 6 days
My 49th postcard, and the 9th from the United States of America. The photo is taken in New York by Lee Marshall. New York is the most popular city in the United States with a population of 8,363,710! Here, in Finland, the population is only about 5,300,000. The city comprises about 1,200 square kilometer. The Statue of Liberty (on the left side of the picture) is located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, it welcomes visitors, immigrants, and returning Americans traveling by ship. It's also the symbol of hope and freedom. On the right side of picture you can also see the Twin Towers. The Twin Towers (and also five other buildings) were destroyed in 2001 in the September 11 terrorist attacks. Thank you Yvonne (FloridaGirl) for this beautiful postcard! I love its calm colors. And I also want to thank for interesting stamps :-)
49. postikorttini, yhdeksäs Yhdysvalloista saatu kortti. Valokuvan on ottanut Lee Marshall New Yorkissa. New York on Yhdysvaltojen suosituin kaupunki ja sen asukasluku on 8,363,710. Kaupungin pinta-ala on noin 1,200 neliökilometriä. Vapaudenpatsas (kuvan vasemmalla puolella) sijaitsee Liberty Island -saarella, New Yorkin satama-alueella. Se toivottaa vierailijat, maahanmuuttajat ja takaisin palaavat amerikkalaiset laivalla matkustajat. Vapaudenpatsas on myös toivon ja vapauden symboli. Kuvan oikealla puolella näet Kaksoistornit. Ne (ja viisi muuta rakennusta) tuhouivat syyskuun 11. tapahtuneessa terroristi-iskussa vuonna 2001. Kiitos Yvonne (FloridaGirl) kauniista postikortista! Rakastan sen seesteisiä sävyjä. Ja kiitos myös mielenkiintoisista postimerkeistä :-)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Some stamps from the United States

You can see all stamps here
I got those stamps when I sent a Moomin card to the United States. Thank you Asierleigh (the_beatles_4_ever) for amazing stamps! I absolutely like them, it was love at the first sight. Does anybody know the age of stamps? They looks quite old! :-) I also got this stamp with envelope - the picture is from Star Wars.
Sain nämä postimerkit, kun lähetin muumikortin Yhdysvaltoihin. Kiitos Asierleigh (the:beatles_4_ever) mahtavista postimerkeistä! Rakastuin niihin ensisilmäyksellä. Tietääkö kukaan postimerkkien ikää? Ne näyttävät melko vanhoilta! :-) Sain myös tämän postimerkin kirjekuoresta - kuva on Star Warsista.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


distance: 7,888 km - travel time: 14 days
My 48th postcard, and 8th postcard from the United States of the America. This photo is taken by Sam Shaw, one of my favorite photographer. Marilyn Monroe was a beautiful women and role model. Thank you Gwen (happylilbutterfly) for this beautiful postcard! These Monroe postcards are always one of my favorites. The stamp is also wonderful - I have many stamps of this USA series. I love them. Those photos are amazing. So, thank you!
48. postikorttini, kahdeksas Yhdysvalloista saatu kortti. Valokuvan on ottanut Sam Shaw, yksi suosikkivalokuvaajistani. Marilyn Monroe oli kaunis nainen ja esikuva. Kiitos Gwen (happylilbutterfly) kauniista postikortista! Monroe-postikortit ovat aina olleet suosikkejani. Postimerkki on myös kaunis - minulla on monta postimerkkiä kyseisestä USA-sarjasta. Rakastan niitä. Niiden kuvat ovat mahtavia. Joten, kiitos!
"I'm very definitely a woman and I enjoy it"


distance: 7,517 km - travel time: 11 days
My 47th postcard, 5th postcard from China. Thank you Rocofufu for this postcard and especially for stamps! I absolutely love them! I like very much of the style of this postcard. It's a dark and black and white, which makes it really interesting. That peacock stamp is one of my favourites that I have ever had. I love its greenish colours and beautiful shapes. I'm so glad that you sent me a present - anyone else hasn't do that. You make my day :-)
47. postikorttini, viides Kiinasta saatu kortti. Kiitos Rocofufu postikortista ja erityisesti postimerkeistä! Rakastan niitä! Pidän todella paljon postikortin tyylistä. Se on hämärä ja mustavalkoinen, mikä tekee siitä todella mielenkiintoisen. Riikinkukkopostimerkki on yksi suosikeistani, jonka olen koskaan saanut. Rakastan sen vihertäviä värejä ja kauniita muotoja. Olen todella onnellinen, kun lähetit minulle tuon lahjan - kukaan muu ei ole sitä tehnyt. Teit päiväni :-)


distance: 1,544 km - travel time: 10 days
My 46th postcard, and the third from Germany. This photo is taken in Esslingen am Neckar, in southern Germany. Esslingen is a city which is located on the Neckar River, about 14 km southeast of Stuttgart city centre. Esslingen is a capital of the District of Esslingen as well as the largest city in the district with the population of 92,300. Esslingen comprises about 46 square kilometer. In the photo you can see the old city hall of Esslingen, Altes Rathaus. This house represent Renaissance style. Thank you Birgit (bika) for this beautiful postcard! I think it's very beautiful, especially its old style and the colours are fabulous. I'm also interested in the architecture of those houses, it looks brilliant.
46. postikorttini, kolmas Saksasta saatu kortti. Valokuva on otettu Esslingen am Neckarissa, Etelä-Saksassa. Esslingen on kaupunki, joka sijaitsee Neckar-joen varrella, noin 14 kilometriä kaakkoon Stuttgarttin suurkaupungin keskustasta. Esslingen on piirikuntansa hallintokaupunki, samalla myös piirikunnan suurin kaupunki. Sen väkiluku on 92 300. Esslingenin pinta-ala on noin 46 neliökilometriä. Kuvassa on vanha Esslingenin vanha raatihuone, Altes Rathaus. Tämä talo edustaa renessanssityyliä. Kiitos Birgit (bika) kauniista postikortista! Se on mielestäni todella kaunis, etenkin sen vanha tyyli ja värit ovat satumaisia. Olen myös kiinnostunut talojen arkkitehtuurista, se näyttää mahtavalta.