Saturday, April 17, 2010


distance: 7,888 km - travel time: 14 days
My 48th postcard, and 8th postcard from the United States of the America. This photo is taken by Sam Shaw, one of my favorite photographer. Marilyn Monroe was a beautiful women and role model. Thank you Gwen (happylilbutterfly) for this beautiful postcard! These Monroe postcards are always one of my favorites. The stamp is also wonderful - I have many stamps of this USA series. I love them. Those photos are amazing. So, thank you!
48. postikorttini, kahdeksas Yhdysvalloista saatu kortti. Valokuvan on ottanut Sam Shaw, yksi suosikkivalokuvaajistani. Marilyn Monroe oli kaunis nainen ja esikuva. Kiitos Gwen (happylilbutterfly) kauniista postikortista! Monroe-postikortit ovat aina olleet suosikkejani. Postimerkki on myös kaunis - minulla on monta postimerkkiä kyseisestä USA-sarjasta. Rakastan niitä. Niiden kuvat ovat mahtavia. Joten, kiitos!
"I'm very definitely a woman and I enjoy it"


Cernjul Viviana said...

Que suerte, puedas hablar español. Tu blog es excelente. Felicitaciones!! Saludos desde Argentina.

Gulfmann Collection said...

Welcome to my latest updated collections,
Please let me know your comments,
also welcome for exchange.

Mirella said...

Cernjul Viviana: Bien, hablo un poco de español (soy estudiante de español). Muchas gracias, me gusta este comentario =)

Gulfmann Collection: I visited in your website and I liked it lot. Your blog is really interesting!

Annie said...

I'm not a big fan of Monroe, but the stamp sent along with this card is just gorgeous :)

Mirella said...

Annie: I also love the stamp. Pictures are always
very beautiful in that series. I especially love the foggy style and colours =)

MadeInCanarias said...

Beautiful postcaed!
I'm your new follower :)

Mirella said...

MadeInCanarias: Thank you for following me! I'm really excited =)

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