Monday, November 29, 2010


distance: 1,018 km (651 miles) - travel time: 23 days
This is my 68th postcard, and the 4th card from Russia. Thank you Lana (Lady_Lora) for this beautiful postcard! I really like (again) those peaceful colors! Lara told me that photo is taken behind the house of world-famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. Wow! I haven't read his books yet, but after this postcard I really want to read at least one! I can only imagine that place, it would be really nice to just sit there with interesting book... Oh, I am so dreamer... :-)


distance: 8,290 km (5,089 miles) - travel time: 9 days
This is my 67th postcard, and the 5th card from Taiwan. Thank you Wendy (Wendy77) for this nice postcard and for those beautiful stamp! I really love Asian stamps, I don't just know why... I think I'm not the only one! Every Asian stamp is like work of art. They are so amazing. Please check out my Asian label - after that you really know what I am talking about! :-)


distance: 6,945 km (4,315 miles) - travel time: 9 days
This is my 66th postcard, and the 14th from the United States of America. The photo is taken in Williamsburg, Virginia by Bill Gaertner. I could write something about Williamsburg. Its population is about 12 000. It's really famous city because there's The College of William & Mary. The second oldest university in the United States. The city is also a very popular tourist resort. I'm not wondering about it because that nature looks really fantastic. Thank you Melanie (Rigbymel) for this beautiful postcard! I really love those autumn colors.


 distance: 1,243 km (772 miles) - travel time: 5 days
This is my 65th postcard, and the 7th from the Netherlands. Well, I've presented Marilyn Monroe many times for you guys so I don't wanna do it again. I can tell you why just Marilyn Monroe. I've two favorite actresses: Audrey Hepburn (you've seen her before) and this amazing woman, Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn was just really talented woman and even though she had really terrible childhood she believed in her dreams. Everyone who has seen Marilyn's movies can say that she really enjoyed her job! Thank you really much Kim (oi) for this wonderful Marilyn Monroe! I haven't had this card before and this is a very nice card in my collection ;-)
"I don't want to make money. I just want to be wonderful"

Hey there! :-)

I'm really sorry that I haven't had time to update my blogs. I've had lots of school works to do. I'm really happy right now. I had the last exam on this morning. Yep, I just had a terrible exam week (luckily the next one is on February 2011!). And now I can write some posts again because I have finally time for you guys! :-)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


distance: 8,105 km (5,036 miles) - travel time: 28 days
This is my 64th postcard, and the 4th card from Taiwan. Thank you Ying Chih (smilewinter) for this lovely postcard! It's really sweet. Are they eating milk shake or am I right?! I haven't seen that kind of drink before :-))
P.S. I really hope you can sometimes travel here. This is a really beautiful place to travel especially on Autumn with all those yellow, red and golden leaves!


distance: 6,770 km (4,207 miles) - travel time: 28 days
This is my 63rd postcard, and the 13rd card from the United States of America. Those photos are taken in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Wisconsin. I think that the backside of the card says everything: "Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a mosaic where nature and history blend to create a work of art. Whether in search of green space to enjoy a leisurely bike ride, the natural world for a hike of discovery, or the valley's legacy of transportation abroad the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, there is something here for everyone. Discover the many secrets that the Cuyahoga Valley has to share." Thank you Nora (kanzenbn)! That place looks very peaceful place and fantastic plase to travel. Thank you!


distance: 1,185 km (736 miles) - travel time: 3 days
This is my 62nd postcard, and the 5th card from Germany. That beautiful photo is taken in Lepizig by Klaus Ender. Thank you Katrin (toivoton)! I really love that photo, though I hate spiders! All the colours are really warm and fantastic. The lightning is also really interesting. I like very much the background with all the reflections of water. Thank you!

P.S. Katrin, I'm really happy that you have learned Finnish. It's a really difficult language to foreigners. I really hope that you can visit here some day ;-)


distance: 1,391 km (864 miles) - travel time: 9 days
This is my 61st postcard, and the 6th from the Netherlands. Thank you really, really much L.M.Lang (tara56) for this lovely postcard! I'm really excited that you read that I'm interested in royal families. It makes me really happy! So, thatäs the royal family of the Netherlands. Their Queen Beatrix I is in the middle.

P.S. Now I have cards from Sweden and Holland.


distance: 1,375 km (854 miles) - travel time: 223 days
This is my 60th postcard, and the first card from Hungary. Its population is 1,721,556. Budapest comprises about 202.8 square miles (525,16 sq km). Europe's second longest river, Danube, shares the city to Buda and Pest. Thank you Lili (Lilcsi) for this postcard! My friend visited in Budapest on August and she said that it's a wonderful city to travel. I can believe it. It seems really friendly and beautiful place with all the museums and parks. I want to travel there some day (well, it seems that I would love to travel around the world :-)). So, thank you!