Monday, November 29, 2010


distance: 1,018 km (651 miles) - travel time: 23 days
This is my 68th postcard, and the 4th card from Russia. Thank you Lana (Lady_Lora) for this beautiful postcard! I really like (again) those peaceful colors! Lara told me that photo is taken behind the house of world-famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. Wow! I haven't read his books yet, but after this postcard I really want to read at least one! I can only imagine that place, it would be really nice to just sit there with interesting book... Oh, I am so dreamer... :-)


!LAURA said...

ompas nätti kortti! 8)

Mirella said...

tykkään myös! :)

Anonymous said...

I have seen the same stamps in other place haha :)

Gulfmann said...

Welcome to my updated collections,
Please let me know your comments,

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